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Instructor Grade Karate Martial Art Uniforms  Part 2

Anshin Martial Arts Attire Ltd.® is concerned with providing the martial arts community with karate uniforms that deliver a full measure of quality and value.

Our karate gi are made of a #12, 100% heavy cotton fabric.

Anshin karate gi construction has been described as overbuilt. These gi are solidly constructed with special attention being given to reinforced stress points and heavy duty drawstrings and ties.

On either gender our gi jacket lapels tend to remain modestly closed during vigorous dojo practice.

Design follows function as Anshin gi are crafted to allow for a unique freedom of body movement.

Anshin allows for the mixing of styles and colors to arrive at the fit and appearance that you are seeking.

Our gi are available as an all white jacket and pant, as an all black jacket and pant. or a combination of black and white jacket and pant.

Anshin uses standard American size designations such as X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large.

        When you place an order with Anshin, please let us know your height and weight, waist size and any other relevant body measurements for referencing in our files. Lengthening or shortening sleeves and pant legs from our stock patterns may incur an additional $5 fee per garment. 

 Click on this link and print out the linked page for further measuring assistance -- > measurement assistance txt & graphic.

As a general rule if you wear a large t-shirt or sweatshirt you would order the same sized Anshin gi.

Before applying your dojo emblem to your gi a suggestion would be to wash it in hot water and dry it on your hottest setting.

 This will take up most of the anticipated vertical shrinkage, about 2+ inches in vertical length.

Very little change will take place on the width due to the warp and weave characteristics of the fabric.

Following these directions should properly size your garments and provide you with a generous fit.

A Key to Anshin Style Designations and Pricing Guide Part 3 


(92) LONG TAIL GI JACKET > "tail" or skirt extends to just above one's knee and has a 3/4 sleeve length.

(96) COMPETITION GI JACKET >mid thigh length "tail" and  has a 3/4 sleeve length.

(96) SHORT GI PANT > Pant cuff length extends to about midway between the calf muscle and ankle bone.

(30) SHORT TAIL GI JACKET > tail extends to just below the buttocks and has a 3/4 sleeve length.

(30) LONG PANT > Pant cuff extends to just about the ankle bone.

(31) EXTRA LONG PANT >If you are "long legged" we have a pant style #31 that extends the pant cuff length of the #30 pant by 3 ".

A Key to Anshin garment style designations:

Garments -- > J = Jacket   /   P = Pant

Sizes -- > XS = Extra Small / S = Small / M = Medium / L = Large / XL = Extra Large / XXL = Extra Extra Large

Colors -- > W = White   /   B = Black

So a 92JLW would designate that the garment would be a

Style                        92

(Garment)   J   -- >   Jacket

(Size)         L   -- >   Large

(Color)       W   -- >   White

Size and Pricing Guide Part 4 


                                        Anshin             European         USA     Price plus shipping and handling charges.

                                                                    White Karate Gi /  Jacket & Pant          Jacket only            Pant only

                                        X-Small                2                  28-30                $165.              $115                   $ 50.

                                        Small                   3                  32-34                $165.               $115                   $ 50.

                                        Medium               4                   38-40                $165.             $115                   $ 50.

                                        Large                  5                   42-44                $165.              $115                   $ 50.

                                        X-Large               6                   44-46                $175.              $123                   $ 52.

                                        XX-Large           7                     48                     $185.              $130                   $ 55.

XXXL stock patterns are not presently available                There is a potential for custom construction.

                                                48                    $210.                 $153            

Black Gi à Note:  For an all black gi (jacket and pant) add $10.


Individual black jacket add $ 7. to same size white fabric price

Individual black pant add  $ 3. to same size white fabric price.


Mix and match solid garment colors, size and styles.

. Click here for an invoice that you may complete and return as an e-mail attachment.

We no longer take credit cards

Method of payment: -- >A check or money order in the mail would be fine.    Tel: (603) 524-7097

Part 5

A short personal note.

Anshin has had to face a series of obstacles that presently only allow for a retail price list.

I have been able to keep up with incoming orders, however production volume is not able to provide garments of quality fast enough to maintain and stock enough garments for a wholesale volume purchasing program.

As I am now single-handedly doing everything from stitching to Anshin webpage development it might be best to correspond with me via my e-mail address. -->

    Anshin gi are not inexpensive, however they are garments of good value and function. Many of my repeat customers have been practicing martial arts for twenty years and more.

“Anshin Are Wicked Good Gi”  <--   A New England colloquialism.

Thank you for your interest in Anshin Martial Arts Attire. I hope that this information has been helpful.

I look forward to being of service to you and your art.

Respectfully, Mark  Mirski

Mail to:--> PO Box 815, Winnisquam, NH 03289, USA

Physical address / no mail:--> 60 Mile Hill Road, Belmont, NH 03220 USA   Tel: (603) 524-7097

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