Big news for the SSF breeding program ...

the Trakehner stallion Michelangelo, dam sire of both Oladaula and Pioendaula, has been named an Elite stallion by the Trakehner Verband.

"Third stallion receiving the Elite status this year is the renowned Michelangelo. Descending from foundation Trakehner bloodlines (Pasteur xx x Matador x Kosmos). Michelangelo's career as stud has had quite a few outstanding moments. Celebrated sons were presented at approvals in Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark.

Out of his first foal crop, the champion stallion Kennedy and the premium stallion Guy Laroche resulted.

Michelangelo's son Michelino, bred in the Netherlands, is a successful sire in Denmark. In 1998, two Michelangelo-sons were approved in Germany: the reserve champion Hirtenruf and Kensington, full brother to Kennedy. Monteverdi, champion stallion in 1998 is also a son of Michelangelo's dam Miami.

Also in 1998, Michelangelo produced the champion mare at the central inspections in The Netherlands. His daughter Schneeflocke, the highest priced auction mare in Neumünster, placed 4th in her age-group at the National Mare Show (all breeds) in Neustadt-Dosse, Germany. In 1999 the Michelangelo-son Hölderlin was approved and in 2000, his son Summertime was awarded a premium title at approval. Michelangelo is also the dam's sire of the Trakehner Grand Champion mare Lantana.

In 2001 the Oldenburg premium stallion Mon Dieux by Michelangelo was approved. Michelangelo scores 158 points on his Breeding Value, which is a score so far unsurpassed. Michelangelo is currently stationed at Gestut Werbelsgrund and ridden by Rolf Hartmann."

Check out Scot's journal for recent events and entries, updated often.

Shooting Star Farm

2000 Keuring Photos

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 LaVita "keur"

Elcaro Zeoliet "keur" G. Ramiro Z "pref."
Sargab "keur pref. prest."
Ritacara "keur pref." Lucky Boy "pref"
Dicara "ster pref."
Goya "keur pref." Belisar Saros xx "keur"
Sinthia "keur"
Capriche "ster pref." Ursus

This is the mare for whom we will eventually build a spare bedroom on the house. I haven’t quite convinced Carol of this, but she travels enough now that we can probably get the room built while she’s away and move LaVita in without Carol ever knowing! We imported LaVita as a coming two year old. LaVita's breeder also bred the KWPN approved stallion Jeraldo. LaVita's 3/4 sister earned a spot as a finalist in the PAVO cup. In 1996, LaVita was the #1 star mare in the USA and Canada. In 2000, LaVita fulfilled her last requirement for the keur status by successfully completing her IBOP and ranking third in North America for all IBOPs. She has had a colt, Pejuta, by Ichnaz that was sold before he was born. Her second colt by Idocus, Rocco SSF, sold at 7 days old and placed in the top 5 foals of 1998 in the NA/WPN keurings. Gert van der Veen described him as "a perfect foal." Rocco went on to again place in the top ten as a two year old, and, last year, he became the #1 gelding in North America for jumping and the #3 gelding for conformation. Rocco has gone on to win high point repeatedly at both Training and First Level, as well as placing well in the young jumper divisions. He will be in Florida with Zaz Putnam again this year. LaVita's 2000 foal, her first filly, Thea Vita SSF, by Olympic Vincent, was one of three first premium foals at the New England keuring in 2000 and the only foal we have ever kept for our breeding program. LaVita’s fourth foal, Udo SSF, by Contango, was sold before he was born to Grand Prix Dressage rider, Melinda Johnson. Our fifth LaVita foal, Viva Vita SSF, by Hierarch is a filly that we intended to keep for our breeding program, but, ironically, we were persuaded to send her to a friend, Anna van Sergae, in California. Anna loved this filly and called me nearly daily to tell me what joy she brought to her. Anna died unexpectedly a short time after Viva arrived. I can only be thankful that one of our horses brought such happiness to her, even if it were for such a short time. This year, for Father’s Day, Carol bought me a breeding to my favorite dressage stallion in the world, Contango! Ms. LaVita is due in May with MY Contango baby.

For her 2004 breeding, LaVita will get one try with Jet Set D, and, if she doesn't take, will move on to a show career with her devoted!


 Orchis "keur"

Jazz "keur" Olympic Cocktail "keur" Purioso "keur"
 Ulissa "keur pref prest"
 Charmante "keur pref"  Ulster
Warmante"keur pref"
Charites "keur pref. prest."  Roemer "pref."  Pilatus
 Lies "keur pref prest"  Eros "keur"
 Fresia "kroon pref"

Orchis descends from the highest ranked dressage mareline in Holland. Her dam, Charites, is a ster preferent prestatie mare who has produced the approved stallion, Kroonjuweel, and a number of FEI level dressage horses, including two mares who are ranked among the top Prix St. Georges and I1 horses in Holland. Charites is currently ranked #1 on the KWPN’s top 250 dressage producing mares. We’re anxiously awaiting the year that the NA/WPN data base is included in this index; I expect to see Orchis following very close to her famous dam. Orchis is of an ultra modern type and has the prettiest movement of any of our mares. She received her ster status at the 2000 New England keuring and recently completed her IBOP to complete her keur status at this year’s New England keuring, with some of the highest movement scores given to any mare in North America, 8, 8.5, and 7.5. Orchis has produced very well for us. Her first colt, by Zeoliet, Uzeo SSF, was purchased by a Dutch native now living in Arizona. Her second colt, by Freestyle, Verito SSF, became the high scoring aux. foal in North America in 2002, as well as being described by the jury as having "exemplary type and fancy movement." This year, Orchis finally produced a filly to ensure the continuance of this famous mareline at Shooting Star Farm, Werites SSF. This filly radiates elegance and talent. Unfortunately, Orchis lost this year’s pregnancy. However, how does the saying go? "When one door closes, another one opens?" Ms. Orchis is being given the opportunity to join her famous siblings in the sport world. She will spend the next few years with Grand Prix rider and trainer, Jim Koford, in Southern Pines, NC. We're excited to be able to do this for Orchis and our breeding program. Look for Orchis under the show name, SSF Oracle.

We are still planning on capitalizing on the Contango x Jazz niche this year, however, and will attempt the first SSF ET with a Contango x Orchis cross.

click on thumbnails below for photos

 Oladaula "ster"

 Hierarch Purioso "keur"
Ulissa "keur pref. prest."
Dudaula "Ster"
Amor "pref"
Udaula "keur pref. prest."
 Just Daula
"keur pref"
Michelangelo "elite" Pasteur xx
Ladaula "keur pref. Eclatant "keur"
Daula "kroon pref."

Although LaVita may be my love, Oladaula is my favorite mare. She sends chills up and down my spine whenever I see her move. Jan Downs-Barrett was recently at our farm buying her new broodmare. I went into the mare pasture with the lunge whip to move the mares around a bit so Jan could see her mare move. She turned to me and said, “Scot, if you want anyone to look at any one else in the pasture, you should probably put Oladaula in the barn before you start .” We bought this mare at the Borculo foal auction when she was four months old. I didn't even see her; I saw her pedigree and that was enough for me. She and her two full sisters (who are still in Holland) are the only three line bred "Daulas" of which I know. Oladaula is out of my very favorite mare line, and I am convinced that this mare will produce top notch sport horses with a consistent type and consistent athletic ability. Oladaula received her ster rating and high point adult horse at the New England keuring in 2000. Her Zeoliet filly, Tiadaula SSF, was one of three first premium foals at the same keuring. Oladaula’s second foal, also a filly by Zeoliet, died when she was two days old. Our third Zeoliet x Oladaula cross, Veo SSF (or Freddy), was our first foal sold last year (thanks Mike and Heather!). Oladaula presented us with a top-notch, sport prospect this year from one of my favorite stallions, Rodioso. Willioso SSF. Willy is one of the funniest and most talented foals we’ve bred. He gets to be an SSF fixture. The other day, someone (who will remain nameless...) said to me, “Why are you keeping him? You’ll never do anything with him. What are you going to do, just look at him?” Maybe. Sometimes horses exist for the mere joy they bring to our lives. Enough philosophy! Now, in hopes of producing a filly with double Doruto, we have chosen to cross Oladaula with Farrington this year. For her 2004 cross, Oladaula will be paired with Donatelli. Given the recent success of the Donnerhall x Michelangelo crosses in Germany, this should be a really exciting cross.




Pion Abgar "keur" Abernant xx
Karadja xx
Irma la Douce
"keur pref. prest."
Epigoon "pref"
Verda " pref. "
Just Daula
"keur pref"
Michelangelo "elite" Pasteur xx
Ladaula "keur pref. Eclatant "keur"
Daula "kroon pref."

Pioendaula is our third mare from my friend Eugenie van Dam's breeding program. This mare is a half sister to Oladaula, and very similar in conformation. She is, perhaps, a more powerful mover, but, most importantly, possesses all of the balance and natural "sit" that I love about these Daula mares. Pioendaula is also a half sister to one of my favorite dressage horses in the world, Aktion; she is the same grey color--let's hope she can perform and produce that same piaffe and passage. Pioendaula was awarded her ster predicate at the Iron Spring Farm keuring in 2002. She missed the high score for movement by one point! To date, she has produced a super Cabochon gelding, Udaulo SSF (Now beginning his new show career in Florida with a win at his first breed show...Congratulations, Sara and "Daulie"!), and a very well balanced, first premium, Jazz filly, Vioendaula SSF, who was recently purchased by Deb Paxhia in Vashon, Wa. Pioendaula's 2003 foal is a lovely, GRAY filly, Wendy Daula SSF (recently purchased by our very good friend, Jenn Tousignant), by Rafurstinels, the sire of the two time world champion Rubels. Wendy is an incredibly leggy filly with that unbeatable R line temperament. Pioen has been bred to Freestyle this year. We have been requested to breed Pioendaula to Iroko for a prepurchase, so Ms. Pioen will be paired with our favorite Pilot son this spring.

Thea Vita SSF

 Thea Vita SSF

Vincent Pretendent "keur" Le Faquin xx "keur"
 Leronia "ster"
"keur pref. prest.
 Duc de Normandie
"keur pref."
La Vita "keur"  Elcaro  Zeoliet "keur"
 Ritacara "keur pref."
 Goya "keur pref."  Belisar
 Capriche "ster pref."

Thea Vita SSF is the result of many years' waiting. We first started using Olympic Vincent frozen semen in the early 1990's. To date, there have only been two pregnancies in the USA with this frozen semen, and, since Vincent died a few years ago, there won't be any more. It took us over five years and more vet bills than I will allow myself to calculate to produce this filly. Fortunately, the KWPN jury liked her too, and awarded her one of the very few first premium ribbons of the 2000 keuring tour. Thea is now a coming four year old and developing into a lovely, supple mare with a super temperament. She began her under saddle training with Nancy Stone last fall. Nancy reports that she has never worked with such a willing and sweet mare. Thea is our first mare due this year; she’s expecting an Iroko foal right smack dab in the middle of the NA/WPN meeting week. I have purchased Special D semen for Ms. Thea this year. After foaling and then breeding, Thea will begin conditioning for her presentation to the KWPN jury during the 2004 keuring tour.

Kirona SSF
photo coming soon!


Volkmar Abgar xx "keur" Abernant xx
Karadja xx
Robijn "ster" Garant "keur"
Fabiola "keur pref."
Wirona "keur pref." Rechter Pot D'Or xx
Etincelle (Selle Francais)
Irona "keur" Boris

We bought Kirona from our friends at DG Bar Ranch, in Hanford, California. Her dam, Wirona, was imported as Betty DeGroot's personal riding mare. Wirona, crossed with Volkmar, went on to establish one of the most consistent producing group of daughters in the country. The Junior STV mare, Petra DG, who was grand champion of Devon a few years ago, is out of one of these daughters. Kirona herself has produced two top ten offspring by Ferro. Kirona is a little heavier in type than our other mares, but she is super athletic and sweet, sweet, sweet. She has produced a super Metall filly for us (now owned by Helena Kopczynski), a really athletic and sweet Zeoliet filly, Virona SSF (recently sold; congratulations, Jordan!), and is currently in foal to Freestyle. Kirona will be bred back to Donatelli, and I’m expecting an absolute dressage powerhouse out of this cross.



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