"The American Hoboes"
"Riders of the Rails"
(A History of The American Hoboes)

A Brief History of The American Hoboes
by Fran DeLorenzo


"The American Hoboes"
(Riders of the Rails)

     This book is a compilation of different aspects of Hobo History from the end of the Civil War until today.  It does not go into specifics about any one person, except where I've inserted my own comments, because I wanted it to be of Hobo History and not A Hobo's History.

     There are, besides the written text, several pages of graphic pictures of Hoboes, many of who are still alive and active today.  There is also a large glossary of Hobo words, and terms, a listing of Hobo Kings and Queens since 1900,  plus a large collection of the signs the Hoboes used.

     The price is $10.00 + $3.75 S & H, 1st class mail. (Priority mail $4.50) (Postage cost for outside the United States is more.  I would need a destination address in order to give this figure)

     The book is 8.5" X 11" and I print it myself.  It contains all of the text and graphics of the original printing, which was done by a professional printer, plus many updates and additions of the text, graphics, signs and glossary for a total of 60 of the large pages.  Naturally 60 full sized pages contain more information than the 59 half sized pages of the original.  It has a color cover but is not laminated or stapled.  It is bound with two metal prong paper fasteners which are much more secure and better than the wing type paper rivets I previously used.

     Now that the smaller sized books are gone I will not be having any more printed because when I print my own copies I can constantly update as I get more information.  The copy I'm selling now is the fourth revision / update since the original printing.  I suppose that I could hold off and have them printed when I think I've collected all the Hobo information I can get but that may take forever and, at my age, my forever may not be long enough.

     For books or tapes send payment to the snail mail address below.  In case you missed the tapes listing they can be seen using the "Hobo Song Tapes" link on The HoboLinks page of my site.  The cost per tape is $10.00 plus postage.  For multiple item purchases the postage "per item" would be less.  Don't forget any kids you know.  They may not know about Hoboes but most of them love the songs on the "Fun Songs For Kids" cassette.

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