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Please enter the quantity for each item you would like to purchase. Tapes are now only $6.00 ea and the History books are $10.00 ea. 2 CD Hobo set is $15.00.

(Quantity discounts available)

First class mail for one item, in the U.S.A., is $2.00 for cassettes, $4.50 for books, $1.50 for single CDs.  Shipping & Handling costs for outside the US depend on destination and method of shipping.  Postage for the Hobo 2 CD set, in the continental U.S., is included in the price.  For multiple item orders the postage rates, per item, would be less. E-mail Fran for these postage figures at minstrel@worldpath.net

Send orders and payments to:

Fran DeLorenzo
"The Hobo Minstrel"
11 Artisan Lane
Plymouth NH 03264-3140
Telephone 603-536-3165

You may print this order form for easier ordering.

When ordering without this order form please give the item name.

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Phone:               ______________________
Fax:                 ______________________
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 For Personal Checks, please allow 10 working days for shipping. 
 Money Orders and Cashiers Checks, same day shipping.

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