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"New CDs"

    I'd like to tell everyone about my new CDs.  After much hard work, diligent application. and lots and lots of cursing I finally managed to convert my two Hobo cassettes, Raise A Ruckus and Fun Songs For Kids to CDs.  Most of what's on the Hobo cassettes  is now on this two CD set and I've even managed to add a couple of old Hobo songs that I had forgotten to record before.  The HoboCDs contain, besides 39 old Hobo songs and poetry, plus dialogue telling something about the Hoboes and their history.  Unlike the cassettes this history is after each song or poem, at the end of each track, and, after you know it by heart, you can skip these parts by changing tracks when it starts.  For use in classrooms the CDs can be played completely and the students can learn about the Hoboes while enjoying my sweet dulcet tones.  (Uh huh,  I have a great bridge in Brooklyn, NY York for sale too.)  Seriously, I think anyone interested in Hoboes, and their history, will really enjoy these CDs.

    The Raise a Ruckus and Fun Songs For Kids CDs have all the wonderful tunes of the original recordings.

    The price for two CD set is $15.00, including postage, in the continental U.S.  Thank you for your attention.  I am

Great Grand Hobo Duke of Cyber Space

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    Now that we have all four of our recordings available on CD we find that we have an overstock of the Cassettes.  These items that were retailing for $10.00 ea. may now be purchased at the reduced price of $6.00 ea., until our inventory is reduced.  Postage for the cassettes is $2.00 ea.  Less if more than one is purchased.  For wholesale, and multiple item purchases contact Fran from the e-mail link above.

Cds Available

"The American Hobo"
($15.00 Including Postage)

Volume 1 

Waiting For A Train 
The Great American Bum 
Son Of A Gambolier 
Swede From North Dakota 
Hustles (p) 
The Bum Song 
Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister? 
Christmas In The Big House (p) 
Portland County Jail 
Naw, I Donít Wanna Be Rich 
The Two Bums (p) 
The Wandererís Blues 
Pie In The Sky 
Solidarity Forever 
Dey Canít Do Dat (p) 
Hobo Bill 
No Matter Where You Go (p) 
Commonwealth Of Toil 
The Great American Bum #2 
The Hobo & The Right Of Way (p) 

Volume 2 

Lifeís Railway To Heaven 
Itís Great To Bum In Texas 
The Big Rock Candy Mountains 
The Tramp 
Waltziní Matilda 
Charity (p) 
The Popular Wobbly 
Mulligan Stew (p) 
Only A Bum 
The Bum On The Stem 
The Men That Donít Fit In (p) 
Away With Rum 
Where The Fraser River Flows 
The Lumberjackís Prayer 
The State Of Arkansaw (p) 
The Hoboís Meditation 
The Wabash Cannonball 
The Hobo Knows (p) 
(p) = Poems 

"Raise A Ruckus"
($8.00 + $1.50 Postage)

Raise A Ruckus Tonight 
I Was Born About 4000 Years Ago 
Thereís Little White Duck 
The Crawdad Song 
Black Eyed Suzie 
The Cat Came Back 
The Titanic 
Thereís A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea 
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane 
Comin' ĎRound The Mountain 
Johnny Rebeque 
I Wish I Was Single Again 
Iíve Been Working On The Railroad 
The Wreck Of The Old 97 
Iím My Own Grandpa 
My Grandfatherís Clock 
I With I Were 

"Fun Songs For Kids"
($8.00 + $1.50 Postage)

This Land Is Your Land 
Eencey Weency Spider 
Go tell Aunt Rhody 
Where Is Thumbkin 
There Was A B-i-e-i-e 
Will The Circle Be Unbroken 
Frog Went A Courtiní 
Does The Spearmint Lose Itís Flavor 
Skip To My Lou 
Camptown Races 
Old MacDonald Had A Farm 
Do Your Ears Hang Low 
Iím Goiní Out And Eat Worms 
Found A Peanut 
Oh Susanna
There Was An Old Lady, Swallowed A Fly 
This Old Man 
You Are My Sunshine 
Blue Tailed Fly 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Cassette Tapes"

"The American Hobo"
($6.00 + $2.00 Postage)

Side A: American Bum+Son Of A Gambolier+Swede From N. Dakota+Hustled+The Bum Song+Can I Sleep In Your Barn+Christmas In The Big House+Portland County Jail+ Naw, I Don't Wanna Be Rich+2 Bums+Wanderin'+Wanderer's Blues+It's Heck To Bum In Texas

Side B: Big Rock Candy Mountains+Pie In The Sky+Solidarity Forever+Dey Can't Do Dat+ Hobo Bill+No Matter Where You Go+Commonwealth Of Toil+The Tramp+ Waltzin' Matilda+Sweet Charity+American Bum #2+The Hobo & The Right Of Way

(90 minutes)

"The American Hobo" Vol.2
($6.00 + $2.00 Postage)

Side A: The Popular Wobbly+There Ain't No Bugs On Me+Mulligan Stew+Only A Bum+The Bum On The Stem+The Men That Don't Fit In+Away With Rum

Side B: Where The Frazer River Flows+The Lumberjack's Prayer+The State Of Arkansaw+The Hobo's Meditation+The Wabash Cannonball+The Hobo Knows

(60 minutes + / -)

Fun Songs For Kids
($6.00 + $2.00 Postage)

 Side A: This Land Is Your Land + Eency Weency Spider + Go Tell Aunt Rhody + Where Is Thumbkin + The Bee + Will The Circle Be Unbroken? + Frog Went A Courtin' + Does The Spearmint Lose It's Flavor? + Skip To My Lou + Jambalaya + The Camptown Races +

Side B: Old MacDonald Had A Farm + Do Your Ears Hang Low? + Daisey + Eat Worms +      Found A Peanut + Oh Susanna + There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly + Clementine + This Old Man + You Are My Sunshine + The Blue Tailed Fly +

(60 minutes + / -)

($6.00 + $2.00 Postage)

Side A:Raise A Ruckus Tonight+I Was Born About 4000 Years Ago+Little White Duck+The Crawdad Song+Black Eyed Suzie+The Cat Came Back+The Titanic+There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea

Side B: Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane+Bingo+Commin' Round The Mountain+Johnny Rebeque+I Wish I Was Single Again+I've Been Workin' On The Railroad+The Wreck Of The Old 97+I'm My Own Grandpa+My Grandfather's Clock+I With I Were
(60 minutes + / -)

"The American Hoboes"
"Riders of the Rails"
(A History of The American Hoboes)
($10.00 + $4.50 Priority Mail)
(Item = Hobo History)

     This Book contains information about the history of the Hoboes of America from the close of the Civil war until the present and was compiled from information, about the Hoboes, which has been collected by Fran for over sixty years.  It also  includes what may be the largest collection of Hobo signs available and a large glossary of Hobo terms.  As a Hobo History it has received very complementary comments from many of today's active Hoboes, including two ex Hobo Kings "Rambling Rudy" and "Roadhog" U. S. A., who wrote letters thanking Fran for presenting Hoboes, and Hobo life, in their true light.

Here's more propaganda information;

"The American Hobo"
(Riders of the Rails)

This book is a compilation of different aspects of Hobo History from the end of the Civil War until today.  It does not go into specifics about any one person, except where I've inserted my own comments, because I wanted it to be of Hobo History and not A Hobo's History.

There are, besides the written text, several pages of graphic pictures of Hoboes, many of who are still alive and active today.  There is also a large glossary of Hobo words, and terms, a listing of Hobo Kings and Queens since 1900,  plus a large collection of the signs the Hoboes used.

The price is $10.00 + $3.50 S & H.  Postage cost for outside the United States is more.  I would need a destination address in order to give this figure)

The book is 8.5" X 11" and I print it myself.  It contains all of the text and graphics of the original printing, which was done by a professional printer, plus many updates and additions of the text, graphics, signs and glossary for a total of 62 of the large pages.  Naturally 62 full sized pages contain more information than the 59 half sized pages of the original.  It has a color cover but is not laminated or stapled.  It is bound with two metal prong paper fasteners which are much more secure and better than the wing type paper rivets I previously used.

Now that the smaller sized books are gone I will not be having any more printed because when I print my own copies I can constantly update as I get more information.  The copy I'm selling now is the sixth revision / update since the original printing.  I suppose that I could hold off and have them printed when I think I've collected all the Hobo information I can get but that may take forever and, at my age, my forever may not be long enough.

For books, CDs or tapes send payment to the snail mail address below.   The cost per item is listed above and is plus postage unless marked otherwise.  For multiple item purchases the postage "per item" would be less.  Don't forget any kids you know.  They may not know about Hoboes but most of them love the songs on the "Fun Songs For Kids" cassette. These original cassette tapes are now, also, available on CD.

The two Hobo cassettes are now available in a two CD package for $15.00, including postage, in the US.  Outside the US there will be an extra postage charge.

Snail mail address;
Fran DeLorenzo
"The Hobo Minstrel"
11 Artisan Lane
Plymouth NH   03264-3140

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